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Radiant Heat Installation

Radiant Heat Installation in Easton

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Traditional heating and cooling units waste a lot of energy. The hot air escapes up to the top floors, making those rooms too warm, while your downstairs remains chillier in the winter. On top of that, forced air systems can be noisy and unsightly. Radiant heat may be the perfect solution for your home.

By installing a radiant heating system, you could enjoy:

  • Cleaner and more efficient heat
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • More comfortable living spaces
  • Consistent temperatures throughout your home

Sounds interesting? Give us a call today at (610) 674-6602 and we can provide more information on radiant heat solutions for your Easton area residential and commercial properties.

How Does Radiant Heat Work in My Home?

With a radiant set up, tubes are placed underneath the floor and are supplied with hot water or electrical wires. The heat begins to rise and starts to heat the objects around it. The air temperature in the room remains relatively constant, allowing you to stay at a comfortable temperature. The difference is that the surrounding objects are not taking warmth from your body heat. All of the objects in the room heat together from the ground up, as radiant heat provides a more balanced atmosphere.

Forced air systems, the AC units found in most American homes, merely blow conditioned air into each room. Hot air is forced out of a register where it instantly rises to the top of the room. As it begins to cool, it lowers to the floor or ground level. Not only does this affect different floors, but levels within a room as well, creating layers of air temperature. This means that your head could be cozy while your feet are still freezing. Also, when using forced air, you have to keep turning the heat on to maintain comfort, ultimately raising your energy costs due to inefficiency.

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At Action Plumbing, Heating & HVAC, we can answer any further questions you may have about radiant heat. If you are interested in making your home more comfortable while lowering your energy costs, be sure to give us a call. Our experienced HVAC technicians in Easton can get you started in the right direction.

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